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Our Victories

Since our founding in 2012, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has pushed back against the gun lobby and fought for common-sense laws and policies to make our country safer. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers across the country, we have been able to achieve unprecedented victories against the gun lobby—at the ballot box, in state legislatures, and in corporate America.


Over 80 Moms Demand Action volunteers wearing red shirts pose for a photo. In the middle of the photo, three people hold a


Angela Ferrell-Zabala (left), a Black woman with braided hair, a white blazer, black pants, and a Moms Demand Action red t-shirt, is pictured next to Shannon Watts. Watts wears her brown hair below shoulder-length and is wearing a fuschia pant-suit with a black belt. The two hold their intertwined left (Zabala) and right (Watts) hands over their heads.


A group of volunteers hold up a Moms Demand Action banner in front of the Capitol at a rally in Washington, DC after the Uvalde mass shooting


A woman holds a Background Checks Now sign at the Capitol



A woman holding an American flag
March For Our Lives, New York City March 24, 2018 Photo by: Max W. Orenstein for Everytown


A Moms Demand Action volunteer on the phone


A group of Moms Demand Action volunteers


a volunteer holding Moms Demand Action petitions and pamphlets



Moms Demand Action Volunteer holding a sign


Moms Demand Action Pins and bracelets
Moms' Lobby Day. Photo by Sean Rayford

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