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Disturbing New NRA Video Features Spokesman Who Will Teach You to Pull a Gun in Public Through Action Movie-Style, Slow-Mo Vignettes

October 30, 2017

NRA’s Number One Priority Legislation – “Concealed Carry Reciprocity” – Would Gut State Gun Laws and Allow Millions to Carry Hidden, Loaded Guns in Public Without Any Training or Permit; Instead, NRA Suggests Americans Should Just Watch Dom Raso Jr. On NRATV

Ironically, NRA Routinely Fights to Repeal Training Requirements for Gun Owners and Has Dismantled Laws Requiring Training Across the United States

WASHINGTON – Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a part of Everytown, today responded to the latest disturbing NRA video, which features NRA spokesman Dom Raso Jr. advertising the sixth season of NRATV’s “Noir.” In a series of “super slow motion” clips, Dom Raso Jr. is seen pulling out his gun in response to staged attacks or active shooter situations. The video highlights the glaring hypocrisy of the NRA, which appears to propose that gun owners be trained via their videos while simultaneously pushing legislation to remove gun safety training requirements. Since 2013, the NRA has dismantled concealed carry standards in eight states – removing the permit requirement, and in many of those states eliminating gun safety training and allowing individuals with violent histories to carry.

In the first 10 seconds of the promotional video, Dom Raso Jr. is seen defending a white woman who is being “attacked” by a black man. The NRA continues trying to make Americans fear one another to sell more guns while hawking Carry Guard insurance to cover legal and other costs for gun owners who shoot someone and claim self-defense.


“This new video is further proof of the recklessness and dishonesty of NRA lobbyists, who do not represent mainstream Americans. NRA leaders want us to believe a series of slo-mo, action-movie videos will suffice for gun safety and training standards. Meanwhile, NRA lobbyists are trying to force states to allow millions of people to carry hidden, loaded guns across the country without gun safety training or permits. Make no mistake: The NRA’s dream is that all Americans are armed at all times – no questions asked – so that everyone can ‘stand their ground’ in a confrontation and then rely on the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance to clean up the mess. Lawmakers can no longer turn a blind eye to the NRA’s dangerous agenda. Now is the time for them to publicly reject any and all gun lobby efforts to gut state gun laws.”

This video was released as the NRA continues to push its number one priority to gut state concealed carry standards through national “concealed carry reciprocity.According to a recent report by Associated Press, “The National Rifle Association insists that the recent shooting [in Las Vegas] has not softened its support for any of its 2017 legislative priorities,” including concealed carry reciprocity.”

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