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Tucson bans TCC gun shows without background checks

February 7, 2013

Since 1999, 1.7 million dollars of purchases have been rejected by people failing FFL background checks. Person to person sales do not require those. requiring checks takes away a second chance to someone who shouldn’t have a gun, to get a gun.

— Steve Kozachik, Tucson Councilmember

KGUN-Tucson2No one on either side spoke before the vote. Council rules say study sessions only have speakers the council invites. Citizens can speak at the regular meeting.

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – Do gun background checks or take your gun show somewhere else— That was the decision from the Tucson City Council Tuesday as it voted to require background checks even for person to person gun sales normally exempt from checks.

Councilmembers concede state law doesn’t let them do much to control gun sales but they say they can keep them out of the city’s convention center if they don’t do background checks.

Councilmembers Steve Kozachik and Karen Uhlich proposed the ban but all council members voted for it. Kozachik says there is no reason the city should book gun shows at the convention center if private sellers there are free to skip background checks for buyers. Kozachik says background checks aren’t perfect, but they help.

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