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Tennessee Moms Demand Action Chapter Applauds House Finance Subcommittee for Opposing Dangerous Gun Bills

April 15, 2014

Tennessee Moms Thank House Finance Subcommittee for Rejecting Legislation that Would Have Repealed Permitting Requirements for Open Carry of Loaded Guns in Public and Revoked Local Authority To Pass Public Safety Policies

State-Capitol-BuildingThe Tennessee chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America released the following statement in response to the House Finance Subcommittee rejecting House Bills 2409 and 1407. Both pieces of legislation were activated last week after initially being placed behind the budget. The Senate had already passed its version of each bill.

“Tennessee House members showed some gun sense today by standing up for the safety of our families and children and rejecting these dangerous bills. Eliminating local authority by forcing local governments to allow guns in their parks where our children play and allowing open carry of firearms with no background check or safety training requirements of any kind would have been a grave step backward for our state. Thankfully, the defeat of these bills is a big win for public safety statewide.

Our moms worked tirelessly to defeat this legislation. We delivered over 4,000 petition signatures opposing the bill to legislators, and we testified and made calls to our elected officials. We are thrilled our elected officials – from both sides of the aisle – heard our concerns. We will continue to use our voices and votes to keep our communities safe.”

HB 2409, the bill to remove the safeguards currently in place to block criminals and other dangerous people from openly carrying loaded handguns in public spaces, was voted down with overwhelming bipartisan opposition to the bill, 10-1. This bill’s sponsor, who had threatened to force a full vote on the House floor if the sub-committee defeated it, walked away from that effort after the sub-committee vote saying ” they killed the bill fair and square.

The House Finance Subcommittee also took HB 1407 “off notice,” effectively removing the “guns in parks” from consideration for the year.

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