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Ten Actions to Celebrate Ten Years of Moms Demand Action’s Life-Saving Advocacy

We’re calling on Moms Demand Action volunteers to help us celebrate ten years of life-saving advocacy by digging in deeper and taking your advocacy to the next level.

Moms Demand Action volunteers pose in red Moms Demand Action t-shirts alongside founder Shannon Watts

Ten years ago, when Congress failed to pass federal legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting tragedy, we didn’t give up. Instead, we dedicated ourselves to building a grassroots movement that could take on and take down the gun lobby.

We knew what we were up against so threw ourselves into the unglamorous, heavy lifting of grassroots activism—educating voters, meeting with state, local and federal lawmakers and calling for stronger gun laws in statehouses and in the streets.

Over the past 10 years, Moms Demand Action volunteers have successfully pushed policymakers on school boards, city councils, in statehouses and in Congress to act on gun safety. Our red shirts have come to represent progress on an issue that once felt hopeless and intractable.

But progress isn’t just about passing laws—it’s about changing our culture. We’ve shown that gun violence is an issue that concerns every American and we’ve created a movement that welcomes everyone, including parents, students, gun violence survivors, educators, health care professionals, faith leaders, mayors, artists and law enforcement leaders.

This work is more important than ever, as guns became the number one killer of children and teens in 2020, and every day over 110 people are killed by guns and twice as many are wounded. We’re calling on volunteers to help us celebrate ten years of life-saving advocacy by digging in deeper and taking your advocacy to the next level.

1. Download the Demand Action App by texting APP to 644-33 to stay informed about what is going on in the movement.

2. Stand in solidarity with survivors of gun violence. Read and share a Moments that Survive story with your social networks.

3. Bring a friend to your local chapter’s next event. Find an event here.

4. Be a part of the #MomsAreEverywhere Grassroots Social Media Team by texting SOCIAL to 644-33.

5. Gunshot survivors need 10 times more blood than other trauma victims. Give blood with the American Red Cross.

6. Join the Gun Sense Action Network and sign up for a weekly phonebanking shift.

7. Join a Moms Demand Action Caucus or Students Demand Action Affinity Group.

8. Learn about secure firearm storage and take responsible actions that can prevent child gun deaths and injuries. Already doing #BeSMART work? Start a conversation with your school board about secure storage to take your advocacy to the next level.

9. Learn more about our community-based violence intervention programs and find ways to support local partners doing the work in your area.

10. Reach out to your Mayor and ask them to prioritize gun violence prevention in your community. Already got a supportive, gun sense Mayor? Ask your Mayor to join Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

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