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Shannon Watts

February 26, 2013

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS — One more mom in the fight for gun control

by Alex Sakariassen When it comes to fighting for stricter gun control laws in the United States, Nancy de Pastino offers some interesting statistics. The National Rifle Association often boasts it has more than…
February 23, 2013

Gun-control advocates rally for new laws in Columbus, Ohio

Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Schaaf Osbeck, They’re all our children (victims of gun violence) … too many times, people forget about these shootings or they become number…
February 21, 2013

Shannon Watts On MSNBC: Mom’s Drop ‘Gun Control’ From Title, But Mission Remains

If we come together with one cause, which is common-sense gun laws in this country, we can be victorious in our efforts to make our children and our families safer. that’s our main goal. it isn’t about anything but bringing…
February 20, 2013

Washington Post: Group is fighting for gun-control — but dropping use of the term

Getting weapons of war off our streets is an uphill battle, but the only way we’re going to get this done is if members of Congress hear directly from parents, teachers, law enforcement and doctors – the citizens who understand…
February 16, 2013

America’s Broken Hearts

As a sixth grader Hadiya had appeared in an anti-gang video to encourage other young people to avoid gang violence, saying, “It’s your job as students to say ‘no’ to gangs and ‘yes’ to a great future.” She could have…
February 14, 2013

Pain Is ‘Indescribable’ For Gun Victim Hadiya Pendleton’s Mother

Hadiya’s been murdered. She’s been buried now. But the pain — this pain — is indescribable. … I would never, never want anyone to feel this pain. It’s irrecoverable. — Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, mother of Hadiya Pendleton…
February 11, 2013


American Moms to Reach Out to Congress Every Day Week of Feb. 18; Outreach to be Captured and Publicized Via Social Media (Indianapolis, IN) Feb. 11, 2013 — One Million Moms for Gun Control announced today a week-long campaign…
February 8, 2013

State Of The Union Hopes — On Guns, Mothers Have Had Enough

Mothers have had enough, and we will no longer stand by and let Congress turn its back on sensible gun laws. — Shannon Watts, Founder, One Million Moms For Gun Control By Shannon Watts,…
February 2, 2013

“Moms can make a difference” — From

“I am here because I am a mom.” Shannon Watts, Founder, One Million Moms For Gun Control addresses the crowd at the “March On Washington For Gun Control” on January 26, 2013. We have to confront the fact that guns,…
February 2, 2013

“This Is Officially A Movement” — Shannon Watts, Founder

I am not a politician. I am a mom from Indiana. I am an accidental activist. — Shannon Watts, Founder, One Million Moms For Gun Control [youtube] “I am not a politician.