Guns! Guns! Guns! Thousands Sign Petition to Stop Pro-Gun Publicity Stunt Bills: “Get Serious Or Go Home”

Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action delivering firearm petition: Resa Dudley, Wanda Thompson, Taunia Adams, Rylee Hirschvogel, Rep. Stacey Newman and Charmaine Owens. By Sam Levin, A Missouri bill to stop bills that force others not to introduce certain kind of bills? Almost. Representative Stacey Newman, a Democrat who has been very vocal on gun control, has collected thousands of signatures on a petition to urge lawmakers and legislative leaders to quit introducing … [Read more...]

We demand common-sense gun regulations, by Melissa Brooks


Maybe we can start by agreeing that a two-minute background check that won’t hurt anyone and might even save someone is a good and sensible regulation.This is widely supported by gun owners, National Rifle Association members and even the NRA officials thought it was a great idea at one point. — Melissa Brooks, co-leader, St. Louis chapter, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America More than two months have passed since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, when we stood together as a nation filled … [Read more...]

Missouri Rep. Stacey Newman Says Some New Gun Laws Will Save Lives

State Rep. Stacey Newman (St. Louis, MO)

As a mother and grandmother, I’m adding my voice to the new “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense”, a non-profit founded the day after the Sandy Hook shooting by Shannon Watts, an Indiana mother of five (coincidentally, a University of Missouri alumni). As a legislator, I’m advocating common sense legislation in a state capitol where common sense is not popular. by State Rep. Stacey Newman A flurry of bills have been recently filed in Missouri – to “take guns away”, to declare federal gun laws … [Read more...]