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Person holding a sign at a Wear Orange event

An Introduction to Moms Demand Action

We advocate for stronger laws and policies that will reduce gun violence and work in our communities to create a culture of gun safety. Since 2012, we have grown into the largest grassroots movement to prevent gun violence in the country.

A Moms Demand Action red shirt
Goal 1

Keeping guns out of the wrong hands – a better background check system.

Goal 2

Protecting kids and communities – supporting Red Flag Laws and responsible access to firearms.

Goal 3

Addressing America’s uniquely lethal domestic abuse problem – disarming domestic abusers.

Goal 4

Combating daily gun violence – supporting research and local solutions.


About Us

  • Winning against the gun lobby
  • Nearly 10 million supporters
  • A chapter in every state
  • Non-partisan
  • Our Story
Moms Demand Action founder, Shannon Watts, speaking at a podium

Do I need to be a mom to join?

Nope! Moms Demand Action is for every American who wants a future free of gun violence. Much like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, we were founded by mothers, but have many volunteers and volunteer leaders who are dads or Americans who don’t have children.

Moms Demand Action volunteers canvassing door to door

What is Everytown for Gun Safety?

Everytown and Moms Demand Action Logos

Everytown is a movement of nearly 10 million Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities. Moms Demand Action, along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and Students Demand Action are all part of Everytown.

Moms Demand Action is the grassroots arm of Everytown. We are the volunteers who show up and get things done. We organize events, we make phone calls, we sign petitions, we go to marches – we show up. We call on state and national lawmakers to enact common-sense gun laws that will protect our kids and encourage local businesses to help us create a culture of responsible gun ownership. We call on corporate leaders and influencers to create and demand change. We’re the ones in the red shirts.

An outline of a smartphone that contains the Moms Demand Action app

Download the Demand Action volunteer app to start taking action.

Painted lettering for 'Together we will end gun violence'