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Sen. Cory Gardner Campaigns with Lauren Boebert, Despite Extreme Gun Platform, History of Arrests, and Reports that She Broke State and Federal Gun Laws

September 1, 2020

Does Gardner Support Boebert’s Extreme Gun Platform, Her Policy of Arming Wait Staff, and History of Skipping Court Dates?

Over the weekend, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) was seen campaigning at a maskless gun rally with Colorado GOP Chair Ken Buck (R-CO), who was wearing a “Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort It Out” t-shirt and Lauren Boebert, the Republican congressional candidate for Colorado’s 3rd district who may have violated federal and Colorado laws by allowing an under-age server at her restaurant to carry a handgun. According to the Denver Post, Boebert also has a history of minor arrests and skipping court dates. 

At an event in July, also with Boebert, Senator Gardner said “how it was exciting to be there and said Boebert knows to fight for what she believes in.” 

What does Boebert believe in? For starters, in addition to her policy of arming the wait staff at her restaurant, she opposes common-sense gun measures — despite broad support from Coloradans. And according to the Colorado Times Recorder, “she advocates far-right stances on a range of issues beyond guns including mask-wearing (strictly optional),” and believing that peaceful protesters demonstrating for racial justice in Rifle were “paid and bussed in.”

Does Sen. Gardner agree with Boebert’s extreme platform and will he speak out about her dangerous, and potentially illegal, policy of open carry at her restaurant? Despite over 700 Coloradans being killed by gun violence every year, and many more being wounded, Senator Gardner has refused to answer questions about H.R. 8, the background checks bill sitting on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk, and he does not deny blocking legislation to strengthen the background check system in the past. His position on the bill mirrors that of the NRA, which gave him an ‘A’ rating in his last election and has donated more money to him than nearly any other member of Congress.

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