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Remembering Sandy Hook on the way to Congress

March 6, 2013

Neil Heslin, father of Sandy Hook shooting victim Jesse Lewis, shares a voicemail message of Jesse wishing him a Happy Birthday. (watch video content)

Gun-control advocates coming through Baltimore on bikes Monday

By Dan Rodricks

From Washington to Annapolis to Hartford, Conn., wherever new gun restrictions are being debated, it’s important to remember Sandy Hook. That’s not a plea to the emotions. That’s a plea to human decency and common sense — a reminder of the personal pledges we made to do something about the dangerously easy availability of assault weapons in a society that claims to be civilized.

Neil-HeslinNeil Heslin, father of Sandy Hook shooting victim Jesse Lewis before and after the Newtown massacre.

On that Friday in December, the nation howled, “Enough,” and after years of doing nothing, elected officials are trying to do something to turn back the violence that rages due to the mixture of guns, criminality and madness.

A Newtown resident, Monte Frank, resolved to do something.

A bicyclist, he organized Team 26 to take the message to Congress: Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines; make background checks on anyone who wants to buy a gun mandatory; make gun-trafficking a federal crime; enact severe penalties for “straw purchases” of firearms.

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