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Red Flag Laws Are Saving Lives

January 24, 2019

Following the Parkland shooting, Maryland passed a Red Flag law, which empowers law enforcement and family members to work with a court to temporarily restrict someone’s access to guns when they are a threat to themselves or others. This week, the Washington Post editorial board highlighted how the law is already saving lives.

The editorial board writes (emphasis added):

“Testimony last week to the Maryland House Judiciary Committee revealed that in the three months after the [Red Flaw] law took effect on Oct. 1, Maryland courts seized guns from 148 people after it was determined there was probable cause the individuals posed a danger to themselves or others. Four of the gun owners posed ‘significant threats’ to schools, according to Montgomery County Sheriff Darren M. Popkin (D). ‘These orders are not only being issued appropriately; they are saving lives,’ he told lawmakers.

“Lawmakers in states now debating these measures would do well to pay attention to those studies and to the early success in Maryland.”

Maryland was one of eight states to pass a Red Flag law in 2018. This year, lawmakers in New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Colorado have already committed to fighting for new Red Flag laws, and it’s likely many more will follow suit.

We have seen time and again that Red Flag laws can save lives. They help prevent firearm suicides, mass shootings and other gun violence tragedies. If you have questions about this important type of legislation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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