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One Million Moms For Gun Control Rally In NYC

January 21, 2013

Moms: We can never back down from our newfound conviction and resolution to strengthen this country’s gun regulations. We will not go back to letting the National Rifle Association and Congress and State Legislatures tell us how to keep our kids safe. As moms, we know how to do that and we know it means new and stronger gun laws. Let’s make sure that we wake up with a stronger resolve to support President Obama’s proposed legislation to strengthen our country’s gun laws. Let’s be his foot soldiers. So that in a month from now, we will be amazed again to say, “Look how much change can happen in just TWO months

— Shannon Watts, Founder, One Million Moms For Gun Control


(Watch the video)

NYC-RallyNEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – One Million Moms for Gun Control marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall Monday to call on Congress to take New York’s lead and enact tough gun-control legislation.

The group said the event was inspired by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of nonviolence.

A cabbie drove by beeping his car’s horn and flashing a peace sign as some 400 marchers from the city’s five boroughs and several other states, including Michigan and Florida, crossed the bridge.

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