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Obama addresses gun violence in Chicago; Invokes 1MM4GC Partner Cleopatra Pendleton’s story

February 15, 2013

Every member has a strong voice and are flaming the fuel to bring about stronger gun laws. There are so many inconsistencies in the laws across the country. We don’t believe strict gun laws are the only answer but they are a concrete place to start. We’re hoping that Congress votes so that the community gets a vote.

— Stephanie Gordon, founder of the chicago chapter of One Million Moms for Gun Control

By Dahleen Glanton, John Byrne and Christi Parsons, Tribune reporters

President Barack Obama returned to Chicago today for several hours to address the gun violence that has plagued his hometown, suggesting that tougher gun laws, community involvement and improving urban economic conditions can help.

Click for interactive map.

Click for interactive map.

The murders in Chicago last year are “the equivalent of a Newtown every four months. Americans are asking for common sense proposals to make it harder for Americans to get their hands on a gun,” Obama said before an audience at Hyde Park Academy on the South Side.

Stephanie Gordon, founder of the chicago chapter of One Million Moms for Gun Control, said she recently recruited Cleopatra Pendleton to join the group. Cleopatra is mother of Hadiya Pendleton, who had recently performed with her high school band at President Barack Obama’s inauguration festivities, and was fatally shot in the back, and two other students were wounded. The tragedy has focused national attention on Chicago’s rampant gun violence.

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