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NY Mom Makes Her Voice Heard On Gun Safety And Challenges You To Do The Same

March 7, 2013

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by Off The Sidelines | March 07, 2013

The sheer horror of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings last year served as a real wake up call for so many Americans. For Gina, a concerned Mom from Rockland County, New York, it was the motivation she needed to get off the sidelines and do what she could to make sure a horror like that never happened again.

Gina wrote to us:

After the killings in Newtown, my heart broke open, and I found myself completely overwhelmed with needing to do something. This wouldn’t be so unusual, except, my community advocacy had never gone beyond delivering canned goods to a food drive and I really didn’t now how to do anything.

GinaI found my way to an organization called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America – where they kept asking us to CALL OUR SENATORS and CONGRESS people. I was too embarrassed to ask “how do you do that”. Although they provided us phone numbers and names, I was paralyzed with insecurity. I didn’t understand what to say or even who would answer the phone. My first call was pitiful. I’ve gotten a little better at it, I still get nervous, but my confidence is building.

I decided, I can’t possibly be alone in this feeling, so I made a video of myself calling Senator Gillibrand and shared it with Moms Demand The response has been overwhelming.

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