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NRA Endorses Brian Kemp for Governor

September 26, 2018

On Friday, the National Rifle Association endorsed Brian Kemp for governor of Georgia. The NRA A-rated candidate has made it very clear that he is ready to do the gun lobby’s bidding if elected this November and the NRA knows it.

Keep in mind, Kemp is the same candidate who ran an advertisement featuring himself holding a shotgun pointed next to a teen boy who he states is a “young man interested in one of my daughters.”

Kemp is an out-of-touch candidate who, if elected into office, will push the NRA’s extreme agenda and put Georgia’s communities at risk.

Last week, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund endorsed gun sense candidate Stacey Abrams, who has vowed to support common-sense gun safety laws and to put the safety of Georgia’s families and communities first.

Abrams is also one of more than 3,000 candidates in 48 states — red, blue and purple — that have sought and received a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. The distinction lets voters know these candidates will stand up for gun safety if elected into office.

Georgia Moms Demand Action volunteers have been working to get out the vote for Abrams via canvasses and phone banks because they know that while Kemp is concerned about weakening existing gun laws that would make our communities less safe, Abrams is concerned about making sure Georgians come home safe at night.

Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action are all in on electing a gun sense majority in 2018. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more.


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