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North Carolina Moms Demand Action Mobilize to Defeat Permitless Carry Bill

July 6, 2016

North Carolina’s long history of responsible gun ownership will continue thanks to the defeat of a dangerous gun bill that threatened to eliminate some of the state’s common-sense public safety laws.

Just days after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history occurred in Orlando, Florida, North Carolina Representative Larry Pittman used the tragedy as a promotional tool for House Bill 1148, a proposal to amend North Carolina’s constitution to allow for permitless carry in in the state, declaring:

“[…]The incident in Orlando does make the point of my proposed amendment to the N.C. Constitution very clearly. Especially in these times people need to be armed.”

The very bill sponsored by Representative Pittman would have allowed people to carry concealed, loaded handguns in public without a permit or any firearms safety training.

The North Carolina chapter of Moms Demand Action worked diligently with partners to ensure that no one in their state would be misled by Rep. Pittman’s mischaracterization of such a dangerous bill:

  • Mere hours after HB 1148 was introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly, nearly 50 volunteers with the North Carolina chapter of Moms Demand Action descended upon the State House Gallery to make their concerns about the dangerous bill known.

  • A few days later, 80 volunteers visited the North Carolina General Assembly to let lawmakers know that not only were they keeping track of HB 1148, but they will continue to fight for sensible gun laws to keep their families and communities safe from the threat of gun violence.

  • Demand Action supporters also drove hundreds of calls and emails to their elected representatives to voice their opposition to H.B. 1148.

Legislators refused to take action on H.B. 1148 by the end of the 2016 legislative season, demonstrating their willingness to side with public safety over the gun lobby’s dangerous agenda.

North Carolina’s chapter of Moms Demand Action will continue to push forward in their fight against gun violence. The chapter’s volunteers are committed to returning to the North Carolina General Assembly next year to show their support for common-sense gun safety measures, and voice their opposition to dangerous bills like H.B. 1148. The safety of all North Carolinians depends on it.


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