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New Jersey’s Red Flag Law Goes Into Effect This Weekend. Here’s What to Know.

August 30, 2019

On Sunday, the state of New Jersey will become the 15th state with a Red Flag law in effect, after the bill was signed by Governor Murphy last June. New Jersey’s Extreme Risk Protection Order law is designed to help law enforcement and concerned family members intervene quickly in dangerous situations. Earlier this month, New Jersey Attorney General Grewal provided guidance to state law enforcement on how best to implement the Extreme Risk Protection Order law to help maximize the life-saving impacts of the new law.

Under New Jersey law, a family, household member or law enforcement officer may file a petition for an extreme risk protection order. New Jersey is one of 12 states that have passed a Red Flag law since last year’s mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, five of which were signed by Republican governors. Learn more about Red Flag laws here.

In the wake of the mass shooting in Dayton, the Ohio legislature introduced Red Flag legislation after reports emerged that the shooter’s behavior raised concerns among people who knew him. This reporting underscores the urgency of passing life-saving Red Flag or Extreme Risk legislation at the federal level. Interventions in states with Red Flag laws have already been shown to prevent potential tragedies, such as mass shootings, shootings on school grounds, and firearm suicides.

Moms Demand Action volunteers held recess rallies in New Jersey and across the country to pressure the U.S. Senate to pass Red Flag legislation, similar to the kind that will be enacted in New Jersey this weekend.

Recent polling by Fox News, conducted jointly by a Republican and a Democratic pollster, shows 88 percent of Democrats and 75 percent of Republicans favor Red Flag laws, as do voters in 77 percent of gun-owning households.

If you have any questions on Red Flags laws or would like to speak with a volunteer with New Jersey Moms Demand Action, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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