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Moms Demand Action Calls on Sen. Blunt to tighten gun laws in Missouri

February 22, 2013

MelissaBrooksST. LOUIS ( — Some concerned St. Louis families gathered Friday, asking lawmakers to help curb gun violence.

The families called on Sen. Roy Blunt to support background checks on all gun sales. Currently, only federal laws require that registered dealers conduct background checks. A large portion of guns are sold privately, and without these checks.

“While I’ve learned about high capactiy magazines, purchases, illegal gun trafficking and automatic weapons, I’ve learned that hand guns are responsible for most of the damage being done, especially here in St. Louis,” said Melissa Brooks of Moms Demand Action.

The grassroot organization, originally named “One Million Moms for Gun Control,” says Missouri has some of the most lax gun laws in the country.

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