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Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action Statement on Advancement of Gun Safety Legislation Championed by Gun Violence Survivor and State Senator Tom Sullivan

February 5, 2024

DENVER — Today, Everytown and its grassroots networks of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action released the following statements in response to the advancement of SB24-003 (Sullivan) out of committee. SB24-003 would allow the Colorado Bureau of Investigation expanded authority to investigate instances in which prohibited persons attempt to purchase firearms.

“Communities across Colorado continue to pay for the devastating toll of gun violence and we are thankful lawmakers like Senator Sullivan continue to take action to prevent further tragedy,” said Christa Palmer, a volunteer with the Colorado chapter of Moms Demand Action. “Senator Sullivan’s bills are integral steps in building a comprehensive gun violence prevention strategy for Colorado. We are thrilled these bills are advancing, and we will continue to champion them.” 

Testimony from Gracie Taub, a volunteer with Denver East High School Students Demand Action in support of  SB24-003 submitted and read during today’s hearing:

“Today is actually my 17th birthday, and while this isn’t the first place I would choose to celebrate, I unfortunately consider it necessary to do everything I can to prevent gun violence given the enormous impact it has had on my generation. 

I was here almost exactly a year ago to testify against two absurd and dangerous bills: one that would have made it harder for law enforcement to implement gun safety laws, and one that would have introduced shoot first laws into Colorado. Luckily both bills failed, and needless to say, I am happy to be here in support of a sensible gun safety law that will protect Coloradans. 

The bill before this committee today would allow the Colorado Bureau of Investigation expanded authority to investigate instances in which prohibited persons attempt to purchase firearms. This form of legislation, which helps to prevent firearms from getting into the hands of dangerous people, is the best and most effective way to prevent gun violence before it happens. 

This bill is the first step in identifying prohibited persons who have tried to purchase firearms illegally because they lied on a form and are barred from purchasing a gun for some reason. This identification is crucial to assisting law enforcement in doing their job of removing dangerous weapons from prohibited people, and thus neutralizing a potentially violent and fatal situation. 

My classmates and I came here today to implore you to pass this common sense bill to keep ourselves and Coloradans safe. The bill represents one of many necessary pieces of legislation that will further the movement to keep our state and citizens free from the threat of gun violence. 

My classmates and I will continue showing up to encourage you to do the right thing in order to end gun violence. That is why I urge you to pass this bill today.”

In an average year, 930 people die and 466 are wounded by guns in Colorado. Guns are the leading cause of death among children and teens in Colorado, and an average of 79 children and teens die by guns every year, of which 51% are suicides and 45% are homicides. More information about gun violence in Colorado is available here.

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