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Letter to the Editor: A congressman’s ‘no’ vote on a gun bill

July 25, 2013

by Kristin Wald, Moms Demand Action New Jersey

medium_FrelinghuysenLast Wednesday, Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, who represents New Jersey’s 11th District, including parts of Montclair, voted against preventing those individuals on the federal terrorist watch list from obtaining guns and firearms. His vote followed along party lines, and it was a flagrant threat to the safety to the public and to our communities.

Montclair residents who disagree with Congressman Frelinghuysen’s vote must speak up and tell them to reconsider his position on this important issue. Polls show that the vast majority of New Jerseyans (and Americans) support closing the terror gap in U.S. gun laws.

Tell Congressman Frelinghuysen to vote with common sense on this and all gun safety issues.

Frustrated residents in New Jersey’s 11th District can urge the congressman to consider co-sponsoring HR-1565, which expands federal background checks, as part of his redemption for his perplexing vote concerning the terrorist watch list.

Congressman Frelinghuysen partially explained his no vote with typical National Rifle Association-forged arguments that terrorists don’t purchase weapons through legal means and that the federal terrorist watch list is imperfect. However, available statistics tell a different story. We’ve been reminded all too recently of holes in the terror gap. Instead of pointing to problems, the congressman, as a member of both the Defense and Homeland Security sub-committees, should work to affect positive change.

At the very least, Congressman Frelinghuysen ought to deliver an explanation for his “no” vote on this issue.

Gun violence will not abate without active and consistent agitation from concerned residents. We should all be very concerned. We must all make sure to communicate our demands to our elected representatives.

Without input, without strong and persistent input from responsible New Jerseyans, those who make the laws will continue to take the path of least resistance — to do nothing.

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