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Las Vegas Sun: Ghost guns have no place in America

December 7, 2021

On Sunday, the Las Vegas Sun published a piece authored by gun violence survivor and Students Demand Action leader, Mia Tretta on the importance of regulating ghost guns and the new law passed last session to regulate ghost guns and help prevent gun violence. Tretta was shot and wounded by a ghost gun at her high school two years ago. Over the past few weeks, ghost guns have shown up at schools in places like Arizona and Washington D.C

From the piece [emphasis added]:

“Too often ghost guns are talked about with numbers and figures, but this threat is more than the scary research we see. Ghost guns are stealing lives, devastating communities and changing families every single day


Since their rise, ghost guns have become the weapon of choice for white supremacists, violent criminals, gun traffickers, dangerous extremists and, generally, people legally prohibited from buying firearms — which was the case in my own shooting. Across the country, we have seen an uptick in these untraceable firearms at crime scenes in major cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles….Ghost gun sellers like Polymer80, located in Nevada, continue to sell these easy-made kits that only require a few simple tools and some spare time to make a deadly weapon.

Now those companies are trying to challenge the ghost gun law passed last legislative session in Nevada, a bill that will save lives and must be implemented to keep communities safe. This law is a necessity — ghost guns are no longer a distant fear, they are ruining people’s lives. We can stop this before more childhoods, and lives, are cut short.”

The full piece is available hereIf you are interested in speaking with a policy expert or Moms or Students Demand Action volunteer on their advocacy around ghost guns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

If you're a member of the media, please send inquiries to [email protected]