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In Case You Missed It: Lincoln Law Enforcement Leaders Speak Out on Dangerous Gun Bill

April 25, 2017

Wanted to make sure you saw two pieces published this weekend covering the risks posed by LB 68, a bill under consideration by the Nebraska Legislature that would prohibit cities and villages from enacting or enforcing gun safety laws.

On Sunday, the Lincoln Journal Star published a thoroughly reported story in which local public safety leaders explained why they support local control of gun policies. As Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister noted, what makes sense in one area may not in another.

“The expectations of those that live and work in Lincoln are different than those that reside in Lancaster County, where I had over 20 years’ worth of experience,” Bliemeister said.

In an editorial also published Sunday, the Journal Star echoed Bliemeister’s concerns about taking away local control over public safety laws.

“LB 68 is a dangerous effort to oversimplify gun laws,” the Journal Star wrote, “attacking a problem that doesn’t exist and creating a potential nightmare for law enforcement.”

These pieces follow recent Nebraska polling that showed 62 percent of respondents, including 57 percent of gun owners, oppose legislation that would strip cities and villages of the ability to enact or enforce public safety laws related to guns.

In addition to prohibiting cities and villages from enacting or enforcing gun safety laws, LB 68 would let out-of-state special interest groups sue Nebraska cities for enacting or enforcing firearm-related public safety laws.

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