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ICYMI: Trifecta of Major Women’s Mags Feature Gun Violence in March Issues

February 12, 2016

In case you haven’t caught up with reading the latest issues of some of the country’s biggest women’s publications, you may have missed the latest features on women and guns in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Glamour.

This trifecta of leading women’s magazines explore different parts of the conversation around women and guns, including:

  • Cosmopolitan’s in-depth reporting on Guns and Relationships, which details the ways gun violence affects single women and includes a conversation guide on how to talk to a partner about guns and gun ownership;
  • Glamour’s interviews with eight survivors of mass shootings who are now gun safety advocates;
  • And Marie Claire’s feature on a wide range of issues related to women and guns includes recent polling that found 62 percent of women want stronger gun laws and 63 percent want gun laws to be a major topic in presidential debates.

Besides this significant magazine coverage, The Huffington Post’s Melissa Jeltsen also published a new in-depth analysis of domestic violence that found 112 people including children and bystanders were killed in suspected intimate partner homicides in January 2016 alone – and firearms were involved in 57 percent of suspected intimate partner homicides.

And, just this week, Everytown launched Singled Out, a new campaign in partnership with Cosmopolitan, exposing how dangerous loopholes in gun laws put single women at risk.

Here’s the truth when it comes to women and guns:
American women are 11 times more likely to be murdered with guns than women in other developed countries, making the United States the most dangerous country for women in the developed world when it comes to gun violence. And, the presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation makes it five times more likely that the woman will be killed.

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