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ICYMI: Gun Violence Survivor on How Misogyny Like Trump’s Can Kill

October 10, 2016

To: National Media
From: Erika Soto Lamb, Chief Communications Director
Subject: ICYMI: Gun Violence Survivor on How Misogyny Like Trump’s Can Kill

I am sure you didn’t miss what Trump said — but perhaps you didn’t catch this important response from Richard Martinez, a gun violence survivor whose son was killed in the shooting near UC Santa Barbara. If you’ll recall, that shooter was motivated by misogyny and hate for women — all in the same vein as the recently revealed disgusting and dangerous statements from Trump.

The point is that these aren’t just words — and whether it is these latest outrageous remarks or what he’s said before about Mexican-Americans, Muslims, people with disabilities (take a number!) — they are dangerous and can have serious consequences.

The same is true for his NRA-aligned statements about guns in America — how he will put guns in our children’s schools, how he will “unsign” President Obama’s executive actions and how he incites violence, even suggesting that “Second Amendment people” stop Hillary.

THIS IS SOME DANGEROUS STUFF further proving how Donald Trump is unfit to be president. This, among many other reasons, is why Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America — and the more than 3M supporters who are with us — have endorsed and are working every day to elect Hillary Clinton president.

It’s because the safety of our families and communities hangs in the balance.

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