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ICYMI: Don’t Be Fooled by Empty Gun Proposals Planned for After the Holiday Weekend

July 1, 2016

As you head out for the holiday weekend, you may have missed the news that the House is planning to take up a vote next week on a bill that purports to address gun violence by closing the Terror Gap. But, do not be fooled by gun lobby-backed politicians and proposals that will do nothing to keep guns out of dangerous hands – including those of suspected terrorists. Here’s why:

The Terror Gap component of the bill that the House plans to vote on next week is unworkable from a law enforcement perspective. The standard it establishes will make it nearly impossible for the FBI to block sales to suspected terrorists and would actually make it more difficult to block a gun sale to a suspected terrorist than it currently is to indict one. Under this proposal, suspected terrorists would continue to be able to buy guns—unless law enforcement could show in court that the suspect will actually commit an act of terrorism. Furthermore, the government would have only three days to bring the suspected terrorist to court and prove this unworkable standard—or else the FBI must let the gun sale proceed.

The truth is, there have been real bipartisan proposals on the table for nearly a decade—endorsed by both Bush and Obama Administrations—that the NRA has fought tooth and nail to defeat. Not to mention gun lobby-backed members of Congress have repeatedly voted against these bipartisan measures.

Over the July 4th Congressional recess period, gun safety supporters will hold events in states and in select House districts, holding elected leaders accountable and asking them the ‘Buck the NRA’ and put public safety ahead of politics.

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