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Beginning on August 15, 2021, people with carry permits in South Carolina are permitted to carry openly displayed handguns in public. But as the owner or manager of private property, you still have the right to keep guns, openly carried or otherwise, out of your business and provide your customers with a comfortable, safe environment.

If you post this sign in a conspicuous place at each entrance to your property, it will be illegal for people to bring openly carried or concealed handguns onto the property.

Instructions for Signage

  • This sign will legally prohibit people from carrying handguns openly at your establishment.
  • Print this sign at 8 inches by 12 inches. The law requires that the sign be printed with these exact dimensions. 
  • Post the sign at each door to enter the business, in a place that is clearly visible to the public.
  • This sign will also prohibit people from carrying concealed handguns onto your property.

If you find that the prescribed sign is too large or burdensome to post, you have other options.

  • You can post a smaller sign of your own design stating that openly carried guns (or, if you wish, guns in general) are prohibited.
  • This sort of sign will not legally prohibit people from bringing handguns into your establishment—but it will convey your preferred policy to responsible gun owners.
  • If someone ignores your sign and carries an openly displayed gun into your establishment, you can tell them that you do not allow guns in your establishment, at which point they will be legally obligated to leave.

You can read the text of the open carry law, HB 3094, here.