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Hamilton City Schools Board of Education Reverses Decision to Arm School Staff

August 16, 2018

Tuesday evening, Hamilton school officials reversed their plans to arm teachers and other school staff. The decision by the Hamilton Board of Education was unanimous, ensuring teachers and other staff won’t be armed when students return to Hamilton schools this fall. Parents and community members, including volunteers with the Ohio Chapter of Moms Demand Action, attended school board hearings throughout the summer, voicing their concerns, and outlining the risks that come with arming teachers.

This decision by the Hamilton Board of Education is the right one, as arming teachers has not been shown to improve school safety. There is no evidence that arming teachers or staff protects children in schools. To the contrary, arming teachers ignores research that shows that having access to a gun increases the risks posed to children, which is why teachers and law enforcement largely oppose this dangerous policy. More information about the risks of allowing people to carry guns in schools is available here.

This decision to reverse course comes after parents and community members voiced their concern for this policy. Hamilton’s reversal lies in stark contrast to another Ohio school district, the Madison Local School District, which is moving forward with its plan to arm teachers and other staff, despite opposition from many parents in the community. Concerned families in the Madison Local School District also delivered a legal letter to the board, urging it to halt the implementation of the dangerous and potentially illegal plan to allow teachers, staff and “others” to carry loaded weapons in the district’s schools.

If you’re interested in learning more about the dangers of arming teachers and other school staff, or connecting with concerned parents in the area, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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