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Gun Safety and the Midterms – Here’s What They’re Saying

November 7, 2018

New York Times: “Bearing F’s From the NRA, Some Democrats are Campaigning Openly on Guns”
“He is one of a large number of Democrats who are campaigning explicitly on gun control in a way that most would not have dared do before, when an F rating from the N.R.A. could often be a political death sentence. In one House district in Pennsylvania, both candidates are jostling for the gun control mantle.”

Washington Post: “Suburban Democrats Campaign on Gun Control Policies as NRA Spending Plummets”
“Democratic congressional candidates in suburban swing seats are embracing restrictions on firearms as election-related spending from pro-gun groups, including the powerhouse National Rifle Association, has plummeted.”

Axios: “Suburban Women Break for Democrats on Gun Control”
“By the numbers: 68% of all women surveyed prefer stricter gun laws, compared to 54% of men. A majority of voters (61%) want to hear more about gun violence prevention from candidates, including 75% of women of color and 72% of suburban women.”

NBC News: “NBC News Exit Poll: Most Voters Support Stricter Gun Control Measures”
“Most voters in today’s midterm election — 60 percent — support stricter gun control policies, according to early results from the the NBC News Exit Poll. This includes 42 percent of gun owners in addition to 76 percent of those who do not own a gun.”

Vox: “The 2018 Midterm Elections May Have Exposed a Shift On Gun Control”
“Gun control advocates also poured a lot of time and money into specific candidates. They saw some wins in this area, particularly in the House and governor’s mansions, and some losses, especially in the Senate. But even in some of the losses there are promising signs for gun control advocates that they may be closing the political intensity gap that has long held them down.”

Colorado Sun: “How Donald Trump, Guns and Cash Spelled an End to Mike Coffman’s Decade in Congress”
“Crow’s first TV ad debuted in February and focused on gun violence. It marked a turning point. In prior races, Democrats had approached the issue with caution out of deference to the area’s tragic history. The 6th District is home to the Columbine and Arapahoe school shootings and the Aurora theater shooting.”

Washington Post: “Democrat Jennifer T. Wexton Defeats Rep. Barbara Comstock, turning a GOP Stronghold District in Virginia Blue”
“Earlier in the day, Loudoun County retiree Michele Hoehner captured the mood of energized Democrats: “Vote them out!” She voted for Wexton, Sen. Tim Kaine (D) — and change, she said. “Guns are out of control. I’m tired of the meanness.”

Reuters: “Women Candidates ‘Tired of Waiting’ Make Record Gains in U.S. Congress”
“Lorayne Blacka, 63, was at a Wexton event the week before the elections holding a “#ResistandWin” sign. She lives in a neighboring safe Democratic district and the first-time political volunteer said she began to engage after attending the March for Our Lives against gun violence this spring.”

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