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Gun critics need to learn from NRA success

December 30, 2012

The NRA rates how favorable officials and candidates are to its cause. There’s a lesson there for the other side. Give the highest rating of “4 Doves” to someone if you like their position on gun restrictions. Make guns an issue.

— Joe Henderson, The Tampa Tribune

©2012 By JOE HENDERSON | The Tampa Tribune

I have a fair amount of appreciation for how just how well the National Rifle Association plays political hardball. It has been truly impressive.

doveThat doesn’t mean I think they’re always right. It was strange in a “Twilight Zone” sort of way to hear NRA head Wayne LaPierre argue the only way to keep children and teachers safe from bad people is by turning public schools into armed encampments.

And I have yet to hear a compelling argument why anyone not currently on duty in Afghanistan needs a .223 Bushmaster-type weapon with a 30-round ammo clip for protection. I have heard many explanations, mind you – just none that would change my mind.

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