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First Lady Trudi Inslee Joins Over a Hundred Moms Demand Action Volunteers in Annual Advocacy Day to Call for Further Action on Gun Violence 

February 15, 2024

OLYMPIA, WA. — Today, Washington First Lady Trudi Inslee joined over a hundred Moms Demand Action volunteers during their annual Advocacy Day. This year’s call for action on gun safety focused on current legislation under consideration in Olympia, including HB 1903 and HB 2118. 

“Eleven years ago, our movement was built from the ground up as we came together to end our gun violence crisis.rom the very beginning, we have had a partner and champion in Governor Jay Inslee,” said Kathryn Burt, a volunteer with the Washington chapter of Moms Demand Action. “Now, it’s time to look ahead to the next eleven years of this fight. By holding gun dealers accountable and ensuring lost and stolen guns don’t fall into the wrong hands, the measures under consideration are vital to helping law enforcement solve gun-related crimes and save lives. We look forward to continuing our work with Governor Inslee and the legislature to keep moving the ball forward.” 

A snapshot of the gun safety bills under consideration in Olympia: 

  • PASSED HOUSE: HB 1903: Legislation to require the reporting of lost and stolen firearms, which are often diverted to people prohibited from having guns and end up being used in violent crimes. 
  • PASSED HOUSE: HB 2118: Legislation creating a robust code of conduct for licensed gun dealers in Washington State, to ensure they take steps to keep guns off the illegal market and out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. The bill requires gun dealers to secure their inventory against theft, have general liability insurance, and maintain sales records to aid investigations of gun crimes.
  • PASSED HOUSE: HB 2021: Legislation to ensure that firearms obtained through buyback programs are fully destroyed so parts cannot be resold.
  • PASSED SENATE: SB 5444: Legislation to expand the state’s sensitive locations to prohibit open carry of firearms in public transit facilities, libraries, zoos and aquariums. 

Thanks to the advocacy of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action volunteers, Washington is among the top 10 states in terms of gun law strength. Currently, Washington’s gun death rate is below the national average and the state has recently enacted laws including 10-day waiting periods and required safety training before purchase, and bans on the sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. 

In an average year, 853 people die by guns in Washington. With a rate of 10.8 deaths per 100,000 people, Washington has the 40th-highest rate of gun deaths in the US. More information about gun violence in Washington is available here

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