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Fairfield County, Eastern And Central Connecticut Moms Rally In Hartford To Demand Gun Control Action

February 14, 2013


The message is pretty clear … we need to get people organized when it comes to contacting their lawmakers. We need to be the flea that’s biting the big dog.

— Kara Nelson Baekey, a Norwalk mother of two,
launched the Fairfield County chapter of
One Million Moms For Gun Control

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HARTFORD, Conn. – Members of One Million Moms For Gun Control, along with many other residents, advocates and gun violence survivors, gathered on the steps of the State Capitol in Hartford on Thursday to demand stricter gun laws. Speakers called on the thousands of participants to reach out to their lawmakers and demand change.

DSL-and-ACCapitol Police estimate that 5,500 people are participating in the rally.

“We talk about Newtown and how many died that day,” said Deborah Lewis, a member of the Connecticut Chapter of One Million Moms for Gun Control. “Did you know that there were 80 people who died that day and 80 people who die of gun violence every other day of the week?”

Thousands of people held signs, wore pins and green clothing in remembrance of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, as a string of speakers presented a united message calling for “common sense gun laws” and an end to gun violence. Participants arrived at the Capitol in more than a dozen school and coach buses from across the state and New England.

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