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Everytown, Missouri Moms Condemn Missouri Lawmakers for Caving to the Gun Lobby and Ignoring Missouri Voters on SB 656

September 14, 2016

Today: Missouri Lawmakers Voted to Override Governor Nixon’s Veto of SB 656 and Allow People to Legally Carry Hidden, Loaded Handguns in Public Without a Permit or Safety Training; 86 Percent of Missouri Voters Oppose Permitless Carry

SB 656 Makes Missouri the First New Stand Your Ground State Since Trayvon Martin’s Death

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, part of Everytown for Gun Safety, today released the following statement condemning Missouri lawmakers for kowtowing to the gun lobby and ignoring Missouri voters by voting to override Governor Nixon’s veto of SB 656, a dangerous gun bill that dismantles Missouri’s concealed carry permit requirement and lets people—including some violent criminals, certain repeat drug offenders, and people with no firearms safety training—carry hidden, loaded handguns in public. SB 656 also upends traditional Missouri self-defense law and allows people to shoot to kill in public places, even when they can clearly and safely walk away from the danger. The bill makes Missouri the first new Stand Your Ground state since Trayvon Martin’s death.


“Missouri lawmakers buckled to the NRA instead of listening to the vast majority of Missouri voters, including mayors and law enforcement leaders, who support our current concealed carry permit system. And in doing so, they made our state the first new Stand Your Ground state since the death of Trayvon Martin.

As if opposing lifesaving policies like criminal background checks on all gun sales wasn’t bad enough, the gun lobby continues to push to put more guns in more places, with no questions asked — laws that make the jobs of those who serve and protect us more difficult and more dangerous. Despite the clear message from law enforcement leaders about this bill’s risk to public safety, the NRA leadership made SB 656 its top national priority.

But this fight isn’t over. Moms will continue to work in all corners of Missouri to make sure our lawmakers know that Missouri voters are paying attention and that we’ll hold them accountable when they make decisions that put our communities at risk and that cater to the interests of special interests over constituents.”

Despite strong opposition and safety concerns from leading law enforcement groups like the Missouri Police Chiefs Association and Missouri Fraternal Order of Police, mayors and 86 percent of Missouri voters, the National Rifle Association made an override of Governor Nixon’s veto of SB 656 a top national priority and its biggest priority in Missouri since 2003. The gun lobby’s efforts included flying in out-of-state staff to help lobby lawmakers, running ads and sending mailers to key districts.

In advance of the September session, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund and the volunteers with the Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action sent more than 3,000 letters and made more than 8,000 phone calls from Missouri residents to lawmakers. In addition, the organizations ran print and digital ads, sent mailers, attended local events, met with lawmakers and organized more than 100 volunteers to be in Jefferson City today as part of their efforts to defeat SB 656 and show the in-state opposition to the dangerous bill.

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