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Everytown, Forward Majority, AAPI Victory Fund Release New Qualitative Research on Swing AAPI Voters in Texas

May 26, 2020

New Qualitative Message Boards Reveal Top Issues for Swing AAPI Voters are the Economy, Affordable Healthcare, and Gun Violence

Participants Showed Strong Support for Common-Sense Gun Laws Like Background Checks on All Gun Laws and Red Flag Laws

From 2012 To 2018, The Number Of Eligible AAPI Voters in Texas Grew by Nearly 50%

NEW YORK — Today, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Forward Majority Action Texas, AAPI Victory Fund, and Lake Research Partners released the results of a qualitative online message board with swing Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters in Texas —a growing voting bloc in the state, particularly in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and suburbs. The message boards, conducted over four days by Lake Research Partners, demonstrate the importance of issues including gun safety, affordable healthcare, and the economy to swing AAPI voters in Texas. 

“The Asian American Pacific Islander community is among the fastest-growing communities in Texas — we believe these key voters will be a deciding factor in 2020,” said Charlie Kelly, senior political advisor at Everytown for Gun Safety. “It is clear that AAPI communities are deeply concerned about gun violence and we’re committed to engaging them throughout the election cycle.”

“AAPI voters are a growing demographic group in Texas who can help flip the state house this year and it’s important for Democrats to engage with them,” said Ben Wexler-Waite, spokesman for Forward Majority Action Texas. “It’s clear AAPI voters stand with Texas Democrats on critical issues like standing up to insurance companies to make healthcare more affordable and protecting Texas families from the ongoing threat of gun violence. We were excited to partner with Everytown and AAPI Victory Fund on this important study.”

“Since 2016, we have seen record turnout by AAPIs across the country and in the 2018 mid-terms in Texas,” said Varun Nikore, president of the AAPI Victory Fund. “Our current research partnership with Everytown and Forward Majority is bringing to light the AAPI community’s deep concerns about conservative ideals and the role of government in protecting their health and safety. AAPI voters are generally more progressive than average on gun violence prevention, the role of unions and government, and even the environment.”

The message boards were conducted over four days with likely AAPI voters from the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. Participants and their families came from a wide range of countries of origin, including India, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and Pakistan – reflecting the rich diversity of the AAPI population in Texas. Findings from the message board, detailed in a memo from Lake Research Partners, include: 

  1. Almost across the board, participants hold unfavorable views of Donald Trump.
  2. The top issues for these participants are the economy and jobs, affordable healthcare, and gun violence.
  3. Participants typically agree more with Democrats than Republicans on healthcare and gun laws.
  4. Issues around gun violence and gun reform are important to participants.
  5. Almost across the board, voters in this group strongly dislike insurance companies, pharmaceutical corporations, and the gun lobby.
  6. Many participants proactively state that Democrats are welcoming of diversity and AAPI people.

In February, Everytown announced “Gun Sense Majority: Texas” — an unprecedented financial and grassroots effort aimed at flipping the State House to a gun sense majority, defending recently elected Texas gun sense champions in the U.S. House, and flipping key congressional seats in the suburbs, particularly in key battlegrounds of Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth — areas with increasing numbers of eligible AAPI voters. 

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