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Controversial Stamford, CT Gun Show Denounced By One Million Moms For Gun Control

January 5, 2013

As a lifetime resident of Fairfield County, the same county as Newtown, I believe it is too soon for a gun show to be held so close to Sandy Hook. We are still under the microscope of the media, our children are still asking questions, and we are asking for time to grieve.

— Kara Baekey, of the Fairfield County, Connecticut, Chapter of One Million Moms for Gun Control

@2013 By Josh Chapin,

Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia said gun show ... "seems untimely and insensitive," Did not stop it.

Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia said gun show … “seems untimely and insensitive,” but took no action to postpone nor stop it.

reallyA gun show will go on this weekend in Stamford despite cries from around the state that it is just too close, and too soon after, the Sandy Hook shootings. Newtown is 40 miles away.

The East Coast Firearms Show at the Stamford Plaza Hotel is organized by Westchester Collectors which is a Mahopac Falls, NY based promoter. The flyer says the show offers the “best of the best of vendors, offering 250 tables of antique and historical arms.”

Opinions in and around Stamford were mixed, but organizers were setting up at the hotel all day Friday. Signs around the lobby indicate the show is still happening Saturday and Sunday.  Similar ones by the same promoter in Waterbury and Westchester County were cancelled.

“It seems insensitive to have the event continue,” Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia said.  He feels the timing of the event is just not right, just over three weeks after the Sandy Hook School shooting.

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