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California Moms Demand Action, Students Demand Action Celebrate Historic Gains for Gun Safety, Renew Call to Action for State Lawmakers

September 1, 2022

The California chapters of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, both part of Everytown for Gun Safety’s grassroots network, released the following statements today after the California legislature closed last night, marking historic gains for gun violence prevention. Throughout the session, gun violence survivors and gun safety advocates worked closely with state lawmakers to pass several lifesaving gun safety bills. Gun safety advocates with Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action advocated tirelessly for these bills, testifying in hearings, meeting with legislators, and driving thousands of messages to lawmakers throughout the session. Just this week, Governor Newsom signed AB 452 into law, a historic bill that will require schools to notify parents and guardians about secure storage laws to ensure guns are being stored securely. 

“I’m so proud of the historic and innovative gun safety successes we’ve made in California this year — and while there’s still more work to do — this progress will help save lives and serve as a blueprint for other states around the country,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action and California resident. “California Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action volunteers have been relentless advocates mobilizing support throughout the entire session to help pass legislation to promote secure storage, hold the gun industry accountable, support survivors and help end gun violence in our state.”

“My generation has been forced to grow up living in fear of gun violence in our schools, our malls, our grocery stores, and in so many other places across our communities that should be safe,” said Roan Thibault, a volunteer with Students Demand Action in California. “We’re not done yet, but we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we’re glad to live in a state that puts our safety first. ”

“Lawmakers have a critical responsibility to keep their communities safe, and California lawmakers have once again set a clear example of leadership in this fight,” said Monisha Henley, Senior Director of State Government Affairs at Everytown For Gun Safety. “While we are proud to work closely with our allies in Sacramento, we know the work is far from over. We will continue to build on this framework of success and take the momentum of these victories right back into the fight for gun safety.”

While California has made significant strides in the fight for gun safety this session, there is still much more to be done. Lawmakers failed to pass SB 918, an important piece of gun safety legislation to strengthen the state’s concealed carry permitting system in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. The bill fell short by two votes in the Assembly late Wednesday night. Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action are continuing the fight and urging Governor Gavin Newsom to call legislators back for a special session to pass SB 918.

California continues to be a national leader in gun violence prevention. During the 2022 legislative session, the legislature passed a number of lifesaving gun violence prevention bills. These bills include:

  • AB 452, historic legislation to require schools to notify parents and guardians about secure storage laws to ensure guns are being stored securely
  • AB 988, legislation to create an implementation plan for the 9-8-8 mental health crisis hotline in  California
  • AB 1929, legislation to make community violence prevention programs and recovery services a covered Medi-Cal benefit
  • SB 1327, first-of-its-kind legislation to create a private right of action that would allow individuals to sue anyone who violates certain California firearm laws, including those who make or sell illegal assault weapons or ghost gun parts, and those who sell guns to underage buyers
  • AB 1594, historic legislation to hold bad actors in the firearm industry accountable by establishing a firearm industry standard of conduct, and authorizing victims of harm from firearms in California, the Attorney General, or city or county attorneys to bring a civil action against a firearm industry member for violating that standard
  • AB 2156, legislation to crack down on the unlicensed manufacture of firearms
  • AB 2571, legislation to prohibit the gun industry from marketing firearm-related products to minors 
  • AB 1621, groundbreaking legislation to further regulate ghost guns. The bill would prohibit the sale of the unserialized parts that are easily converted into untraceable ghost guns by people who cannot legally purchase guns
  • AB 160, legislation to expand access to victims’ compensation for survivors of crime, including gun violence

More information about gun violence in California is available here.

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