Start the School Year with Gun Sense

bts_gun_sense_no_urlAs we send our children back to school this year, we do it with a renewed commitment to providing a safe environment in our homes, schools and communities. Moms Demand Action is offering a few easy ways that you can start the school year with gun sense.

Take the Mom’s Pledge

Our kids’ safety depends on all of us. Take our Mom’s Pledge to live with gun sense, and commit to following three simple principles that will help protect children from gun violence. #momspledge.

Take the Pledge

Go Back to School Shopping with Gun Sense

Support businesses that support a safe shopping environment. Find out which companies prohibit firearms in their stores, and learn which companies need to enact better policies on guns. Let businesses know you’ll spend your back-to-school dollars at stores with gun sense.

See the Shopping Guide


If your family is in the midst of a college search, you should know each school’s policy with respect to guns on campus. is an essential resource to help you quickly understand state laws and individual schools’ policies regarding firearms. Visit as part of your college selection process. was developed by our coalition partner Keep Guns Off Campus. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter: @keepgunsoffcamp.


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