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As Lawmakers Return to St. Paul for Session, Common-Sense Gun Safety Legislation Needs to Take Center Stage

January 4, 2023

Following an election where Minneota voters made it clear gun violence prevention is a top priority, lawmakers return to the State Capitol for the first day of the state legislative session in Minnesota with a gun sense majority in all three chambers. This legislative session, lawmakers have an opportunity to build on the work they have done to advance a gun violence prevention agenda, and prioritize critical measures to address gun violence like an extreme risk law and  background checks on all guns. The legislature will also have the opportunity to sustain funding for critical community violence intervention work.

Due to the tireless work of Moms Demand Action Volunteers campaigning and running for office, including four volunteers who helped flip the Senate, there is now a Gun Sense Trifecta and gun safety supporters now have control of the House, Senate, and Governor’s mansion – and an opportunity to push for critical common sense gun safety legislation. In recent years, life-saving gun safety bills have been blocked by  the Senate. In the 2023 legislative session, lawmakers have the chance to carry out the will of the people and send comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s desk.

More information on Gun Violence in Minnesota:

  • In an average year, 462 people die and 811 are wounded by guns in Minnesota.
  • Guns are the leading cause of death among children and teens in Minnesota, and an average of 41 children and teens die by guns every year, of which 55% of these deaths are suicides and 39% are homicides.
  • Communities of color, disproportionately bear the burden of our country’s gun violence crisis every single day. Black Minnesotans are 14 times more likely than white people to die by gun homicide. Additionally, higher gun homicide rates affect the state’s American Indian and Alaska Native population
  • In Minnesota, 76% of gun deaths are suicide and 22% are homicides. This is compared to 59% and 39% nationwide, respectively. 
  • Gun violence in Minnesota costs $1,174 per person each year.  Gun deaths and injuries cost Minnesota $6.6 billion each year, of which 105.5 million is paid by taxpayers

More information about gun violence in Minnesota is available here.

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