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Amid Continued Gun Violence in Illinois, a Question for Gov. Rauner

July 3, 2018

Over the weekend, six people were wounded in the crossfire of a single shooting on Chicago’s West Side. Three of the victims were sisters between the ages of five and 14, who were in a car with their mother when the gunfire broke out. According to the Chicago Tribune, it was at least the sixth attack in the past two weeks where four or more people were shot.

In Joliet, meanwhile, three people were shot in a parking lot this weekend by a man with a dangerous criminal history. And just weeks ago in Bloomington, three men were shot and killed and one child was wounded. It was the second instance of gun violence in that very location this year alone.

All the while, Gov. Rauner has made no indication of whether he plans to sign gun safety legislation passed by the legislature. The Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act would help reduce illegal gun trafficking and hold corrupt gun dealers accountable through common-sense measures, including requiring background checks for gun store employees and requiring gun dealers to keep their business premises open for inspection by law enforcement during business hours. It passed through the General Assembly in May with wide margins and bipartisan support, but Gov. Rauner has given no indication he plans to sign it into law.

Altogether, this begs the question: As gun violence continues in Illinois, why won’t the governor say whether he’ll sign the Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act? For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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