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Westchester County Is Considering an Ordinance to Require Gun Dealers to Post Informational Warning Signs for Customers. Here’s What You Need to Know:

May 20, 2022

Next week, the Westchester County Board of Legislators will be considering a new local gun ordinance to help promote gun safety across Westchester County. The ordinance, which was introduced in March of 2022, would require gun dealers to post signage with specific language about the public health risks associated with firearm ownership and unsecured firearms. The ordinance will also require the county clerk — who is responsible for issuing and renewing the permits required to purchase handguns — to provide a copy of the firearms risk warnings to all permit applicants.

This new proposal comes following recent changes to state law, wherein gun dealers across New York are now required to post signs informing customers about the state’s secure firearms storage laws. The importance of securely storing firearms is underscored by highlighting the increased risks associated with access to an unsecured firearm in the home. 

As summer begins and gun violence continues to devastate New York communities, including recently in Buffalo, this new local ordinance will be a critical step taken by Westchester County to keep their community safe, and will be an important complement to existing common sense gun safety measures.

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