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This Is What a Gun Control March on Washington Looks Like

January 26, 2013


By Connor Simpson, The Atlantic Wire

It was cold in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, but that didn’t stop thousands of people from participating in a gun control march on the nation’s Capitol.

The march was organized by Molly Smith and Shannon Watts. The two used social media for the most part to spread the word of the march. All things considered, the relatively inexperienced Smith was pleased with the result. “It’s been a remarkable learning experience,” Smith told CNN, “the realization that we’re citizens and this is an active citizenship, and being a citizen isn’t just sitting around and gassing about it.”

Watts has a little more advocacy experience, though she is relatively green. After the Aurora mass shooting, Watts created the group One Million Moms for Gun Control. She’s been profiled in The New York Times, and planned a few gatherings, though nothing on a scale like this.

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