Tell Staples: Guns & Crayons Don’t Mix

staples_gun_free1Staples is a go-to store for moms. Who hasn’t made a quick run to Staples—kids in tow—for school supplies, an extra set of markers, ink for the printer or materials a child’s school project? That’s why it’s disturbing to think that Staples doesn’t have a national policy prohibiting guns in its stores.

While some individual Staples stores have elected to keep guns out, the company doesn’t yet have a policy to ban guns in its stores nationwide. Given a recent accidental shooting in a North Carolina Staples, we think it’s time for Staples to step up and say that firearms don’t belong in their stores.

As part of our recent Back to School campaign, we began asking Staples to get some gun sense. As we move deeper into the school year, we’re intensifying our efforts to keep guns out of Staples and keep our kids and families safe.

Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts sent a letter to CEO Ron Sargent asking him to meet with moms and discuss the reasons it makes sense to keep guns out of stores. But we need your help to get the word out. Here’s what you can do:

  • Sign our petition to tell Staples to enact common sense policies to prohibit firearms from its stores.
  • Print out this letter and give it to the manager at your local Staples. Tell him or her you want to feel safe when you’re shopping.
  • Email Staples and ask them to adopt a gun sense policy to keep firearms out of their stores.
  • Call the Office of the President of Staples at 1-800-338-0252 and say that you want Staples to prohibit guns in all its stores nationwide.

Moms have the economic power to influence corporations to do the right thing. Just ask Starbucks. Use your power to bring gun sense to Staples.