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Subject: Governor Sununu has a Chance to Protect Families and Save Lives by Signing Gun Safety Bills in Wake of El Paso and Dayton Mass Shootings

August 7, 2019

Over the weekend, the nation was rocked by news of two mass shootings, one in El Paso and another one less than 24 hours later in Dayton, that together killed 31 people and wounded more than 38 others. Earlier this week, Senate President Donna Soucy signed three gun safety bills, sending them to the governor’s desk.

Now, Governor Sununu has the chance to take meaningful action to combat gun violence in his state, and the choice should be clear — Sign the legislation that will prevent gun violence in New Hampshire. During his campaign in 2016, Governor Sununu stated his support for background checks on all gun sales

The need for action is not solely based on the threat of mass shootings. Research indicates that from 2008 to 2017, New Hampshire has experienced a 51 percent increase in gun deaths. What’s more, firearm suicides account for 90 percent of gun deaths in the state. 

Background checks, like the one proposed in HB 109, are associated with reduced rates of firearm homicide, suicide and firearm trafficking, and they are the backbone of any comprehensive gun violence prevention policy. And mandatory waiting periods, like the one proposed in HB 514, may also help prevent firearm suicides by inserting a buffer between impulse and action. Currently, New Hampshire is one of only two states that does not explicitly prohibit guns in schools. HB 564 will close this dangerous gap and keep guns out of the places where children learn and play. 

Every day in America, 100 people are killed with guns and hundreds more are shot and wounded. In the past week, elected officials on both sides of the aisle have proposed common-sense solutions to address this public health crisis. And in the wake of the recent shootings, Republican members of Congress are calling on their colleagues to pass common-sense gun safety legislation. 

If you have any questions about the legislation in front of Governor Sununu or would like to connect with a volunteer with the New Hampshire chapter of Moms Demand Action, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

If you're a member of the media, please send inquiries to [email protected]