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RANDALL BEACH: Enough is enough: A mom and her daughter go to Washington

March 17, 2013

Hannah Kolb, 19, left, and her mother Brenda King of Guilford who have joined Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. They were in Washington this week, meeting with the Connecticut legislative delegation on the issue of gun control. Photo by Peter Hvizdak / New Haven Register

By Randall Beach [email protected] / Twitter: @rbeachnhr

Brenda King wore her black cowboy boots to Washington for “Moms Take the Hill™ Day” on Wednesday to show people in Congress she’s a Texas native who means business but doesn’t want to take away anybody’s guns.

She does want to see a law banning new assault weapons and other new restrictions so she and her daughter won’t have to forever live in fear of another shooter.

King, who lives in Guilford, also brought her daughter, Hannah Kolb, with her to Washington to deliver a testimonial on the subject.

A couple of weeks ago, when King asked Kolb to accompany her for the lobbying by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Kolb thought it would be a fun, interesting thing to do during her spring break at Skidmore College, where she is a freshman.

And then, a few days after Kolb agreed to go to Washington with her mom, something happened on her campus to bring home the guns issue.

“We went into lock-down,” Kolb said. “We received a campus alert that a threat had been made to a student by an older man she’d had a relationship with. He had texted her that he was armed and was on his way to the college. He was going to kill her and himself.”

Kolb spent at least an hour alone in her dorm room. “That was the first time I felt scared in a helpless way. Nobody knew what was going on.”

During that long hour, Kolb called her mother. King recalled, “That’s when it turned personal for us.”

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