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Permitless Carry Causes More Shootings by Police, Homicides – Research Says

May 13, 2022

Earlier today, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health released a new report showing the average rate of shootings by police increased by 12.9 percent in 10 U.S. states that passed permitless carry laws between 2014-2020. CDC data shows that 2020 brought the highest rate of gun-related deaths in more than a quarter-century – with  more than 45,000 people dying from gun violence in the U.S. With more states considering passing permitless carry legislation, researchers are worried about already-elevated gun violence continuing. 

The new report comes as state legislatures across the country continue to weaken their state’s gun laws – over the objection of advocates and law enforcement – and push permitless carry legislation. Everytown researchers found that states that have weakened their firearm permitting system have experienced a 13-15 percent increase in violent crime rates and an 11 percent increase in handgun homicide rates.

Analysis by Everytown shows that states with weaker gun laws, including those that have gutted their permitting systems, are associated with higher rates of gun deaths and that strong gun laws save lives. State lawmakers should prioritize keeping their constituents safe instead of bending to gun lobby pressure and pushing policies that are unpopular and dangerous. 

This comes as the Supreme Court is poised to rule on New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, a case challenging New York’s public carry licensing law that could undermine gun safety laws across the country. If the Supreme Court forces states to allow more guns into more hands in more public spaces, it will threaten public safety and lead to even more gun violence.

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