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Other nations have reduced gun violence, why can’t we? Kansas City Star Commentary

January 1, 2013

Other nations have successfully chosen to regulate guns and have reduced gun violence as a result. Why can’t we?

— James Werrell

©2013 JAMES WERRELL The Rock Hill Herald

Guns don’t kill people, teachers do.

kc-starAt least that’s the intent of a bill introduced by state Rep. Phillip Lowe, R-Florence, that would give South Carolina teachers and other public school employees the right to carry guns on school grounds as long as they have concealed weapons permits. Lowe says the bill would be one way to protect kids if a school comes under attack.

However, if a school cop could have prevented the killings in Newtown, the cost would have been justified, right? But how exactly is the police officer supposed to identify which visitors to a school pose a danger to the children? How does the officer distinguish between a potential shooter and a relative of one of the students or some other harmless visitor?

And a school cop is likely to hesitate until an intruder makes his intentions clear. A shooter, especially one wearing body armor, will have the advantage, even over an armed on-campus officer.

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