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New Fox News Polling Confirms Popularity of Gun Safety Laws Among Democrats, Republicans, and Gun Owners

April 28, 2023

A new nationwide survey conducted by Fox News of registered voters confirmed once again that the vast majority of Americans support strengthening gun safety laws: 

  • 87% of Americans support requiring criminal background checks on all gun buyers, including 83% support from gun owning households 
  • 81% of Americans support improving enforcement of existing gun laws, including 
  • 81% of Americans support raising the legal age to buy a gun to 21, including 76% of gun owning households
  • 80% of Americans support allowing police to take guns from those considered a danger to themselves or others, also known as Red Flag laws, including 76% of gun owning households
  • 61% of Americans support banning assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons, including 50% support from gun owning households 

Click here to read more from the survey. 

At the same time, a majority of Americans remain opposed to the gun lobby’s guns-everywhere agenda, with 52% opposed to encouraging more people to carry guns. The poll also found that gun safety remains a top issue for voters, with 12% volunteering it as their number one issue and 50% of Americans saying they were very or extremely concerned about them or a loved one will be a victim of gun violence.

These findings confirm that especially in the wake of the devastating mass shootings this year, the American people want lawmakers at every level of government to take action to keep us safe by passing stronger gun safety laws, and oppose any gun lobby attempts to push our country in the other direction. States with strong gun safety policies, such as background checks on all gun sales and Red Flag laws, also known as extreme risk laws, have lower rates of gun violence while states with weaker gun laws, such as permitless carry and Shoot First laws, also known as Stand Your Ground, have higher rates of gun violence.

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