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Nevada Moms Demand Action, Everytown Respond to Shooting in Downtown Reno

November 30, 2017

Reports Indicate Suspect Barricaded Himself and a Hostage Inside an Eighth Floor Apartment and Fired Down Onto Sierra Street

RENO, Nev. – The Nevada chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, part of Everytown for Gun Safety, today responded to reports of a shooting in the Montage condominiums in downtown Reno. While details are still unfolding, reports indicate an unidentified male barricaded himself and a hostage inside an apartment on the eighth floor and fired multiple rounds of bullets from the apartment down onto Sierra Street. One injury was reported that did not require medical attention. Police shot and killed the suspect.


“Last night’s shooting was all too similar to the deadliest shooting in modern American history, which took place on the Las Vegas strip just two months ago. Thankfully, there were no victims last night in Reno – but there easily could have been. We cannot allow these incidents to become normal in our state. Instead, we must do everything we can to strengthen our gun laws.

“That’s why Nevadans voted last November to pass the background check ballot initiative, which closed a loophole in Nevada law that makes it easy for criminals to avoid a background check and get guns via unlicensed sales, no questions asked. Unfortunately, Attorney General Laxalt and Governor Sandoval have done nothing to ensure the measure is enacted and enforced. I urge the Governor and Attorney General to stop dragging their feet and work with the FBI to implement criminal background checks on all gun sales in Nevada.”

Although voters approved the Question 1 background check initiative nearly a year ago, Governor Sandoval and Attorney General Laxalt have refused to implement the new law, even after Las Vegas experienced the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Attorneys for the background check ballot initiative informed the governor months ago that he can start working with the FBI immediately to implement the background check law. Before the shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, the attorneys set an October 9 deadline for implementation and said they were prepared to go to court if the law was not implemented.

Federal law requires licensed gun dealers to conduct criminal background checks on most gun sales, but a loophole exists that allows unlicensed sales, including sales online and at gun shows, to take place without background checks. Nevada’s background check initiative, which voters approved last November, calls for the state to close that loophole and require background checks on all gun sales in Nevada, with reasonable exceptions for family, hunting and self-defense. Eighteen other states have passed similar laws and seen fewer gun deaths among law enforcement and victims of domestic violence, as well as fewer suicides by firearm, than states that have not closed the loophole.

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