Mother’s Day

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flowersThis year for Mother’s Day, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is honoring gun violence victims and their families, and empowering American moms to demand that their rights as mothers “shall not be infringed.” The campaign includes videos highlighting how gun violence has changed Mother’s Day for victims, as well as a Mother’s Bill of Rights, DIY paper flowers representing the eight American children shot and killed every day in America, and local gatherings on behalf of our chapters across the country.

Moms can participate by joining a Mother’s Day walk or by telling their elected officials they want their rights as mothers honored. Additional details about how to participate are below.

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How To Participate


Join our Mother’s Day Week of Action to raise your voice with other moms and supporters and continue the drumbeat to demand at a minimum and expansion of background checks for gun buyers online and at gun shows.

Call the House of Representatives: The fight for background checks is not over. There is a new bi-partisan bill in the House that would expand background checks to gun shows and Internet sales. Type in your address and we’ll give you the phone number for your Representative’s office in Washington, DC. Use the sample script to leave your message about supporting a stronger, common-sense background check bill.

Find your Representative’s office phone number and CALL NOW!

Write a Letter to the Editor: Use our online tool to write a letter to the editor and automatically submit it to your local newspapers.

Write and submit a letter to the editor NOW.

Facebook and Twitter day! Change your profile picture with us and post Mother’s Day-themed messages to your elected officials.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America

Download the profile picture here.

Send a Tweet to Congress about #MomsRights to have our communities free from gun violence.

Use our easy email tool to send a special Mother’s Day message to your Members of Congress.

Email Congress NOW to urge them to support expanded background checks on gun purchases.

Share a message of love and activism with every mother you know! Send one (or all) of our fresh new e-cards and spread the word about Moms Demand Action. The more people who join with us, the more powerful our voices!

Send an e-card to five moms you love right now.

Mother’s Bill of Rights

Since not everyone can attend a walk, Moms Demand Action also suggests celebrating Mother’s Day this year by telling your elected officials they can have your Mother’s Day flowers because you want your rights honored. Print the Mother’s Bill of Rights, craft 8 paper flowers (DIY instructions below), and mail or hand-deliver the package to your Senators’ local district office. Take pictures, post them on Facebook, and share them with us at Tweet your images using the hashtag #momsrights and handle @momsdemand.

Click here to print Mother’s Bill of Rights in English or Spanish.

Mother’s Day Walks

The list of walk times and locations is to the right, and this list is updated daily. These events are an opportunity to connect with other moms and to build community. During the walk, carry eight paper flowers (DIY instructions below) to honor the eight mothers who lose children to gun violence each day in America. Each event will culminate in a quiet place while a mom reads the Mother’s Bill of Rights aloud. Take pictures, post them on Facebook, and share them with us at Tweet your images using the hashtag #momsrights and handle @momsdemand.

DIY Paper Flowers

Click on the Get Started link in the picture below for instructions on how to make eight Mother’s Day flowers, representing the eight American children shot and killed every day.

DIY adapted by Moms Demand Action from greenweddingshoes