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Mayors Against Illegal Guns Member Rick Gray Denounces State Senators for Passing Bill That Would Force Communities to Pay Gun Lobby’s Legal Fees

April 25, 2017

Bill Would Make It Harder for Communities to Enforce Gun Violence Prevention Laws

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray, a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, part of Everytown for Gun Safety, today denounced Pennsylvania Senate lawmakers for passing Senate Bill 5, legislation that would give out-of-state groups the power to sue Pennsylvania cities and towns simply for enforcing local gun safety laws. If this legislation becomes law, Pennsylvania taxpayers would be on the hook to foot any legal bills resulting from a defense of their local laws in court—including the legal bills of the gun lobby groups that brought the legislation.


“I am disappointed that members of the Senate have moved forward with this dangerous legislation. Senate Bill 5 would give powerful out-of-state groups the ability to sue cities like Lancaster for simply enforcing common sense gun laws. Worse yet, the bill would leave our city’s taxpayers on the hook to pay for lawyers’ fees if we seek to defend our gun safety laws in the courts – both our fees and theirs. SB 5 is a gun lobby power grab, plain and simple. It is not about the Second Amendment or promoting responsible gun ownership. It is about intimidating local communities with the threat of litigation and lining the pockets of the gun lobby’s lawyers. I would urge the Governor to veto this legislation if it eventually makes it to his desk.”

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