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Iowa Gun Bill Would Let Almost Anyone Carry a Gun on School Grounds

March 21, 2019

Under current Iowa law, guns are generally prohibited from being carried on school grounds.

But House File 636, a bill in the Iowa House, would create an exception in the law that would let concealed carry permit holders carry guns on school driveways, sidewalks, and in school parking lots. In effect, this would let almost anyone carry a gun right up to the schoolhouse door.

This would create clear new risks for parents, teachers, staff members and students.

As if this weren’t concerning enough, HF 636 would also:

  • Punish local governments and taxpayers by expanding Iowa’s firearm preemption law, which largely prevents local cities from acting to prevent gun violence. By allowing trial lawyers for the NRA and other out-of-state special interest groups to sue cities that enact or enforce common-sense gun safety strategies and recover damages and attorneys’ fees, these laws seek to dissuade localities from taking even the most basic steps to protect their communities from gun violence.
  • Encroach on the property rights of business owners by forcing every employer in the state to allow guns to be brought onto their property by employees in their motor vehicles.
  • Strips courts and judges of their authority to keep courthouses safe by limiting the authority of judges to prohibit guns to only cover courtrooms and court offices – meaning people will be able to carry guns right up to the courtroom door.

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